A penny just dropped

I was researching something for an assignment and remembered something from the fictitious Introduction to Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons. She signs off the intro Anthony Pookworthy Esq. ABS LLR

Which means Associate Back Scratcher and Licenced Log Roller. The first term is obvious but today I realised what the second one was about. Clunk


I met you

For Anita

I met you in the rain. Technically it was rain but polite folk would have called it Angel’s Tears. Being an atheist I called it Bee’s Piss. It didn’t smell of honey but nor did it smell of angels. It smelled of parched earth and the tantalising promise of a drink, it smelled of hot hungry animals and the promise of feed, it smelled of dusty creek beds and the promise of a pool.
In the distance lightning flashed and I could tell you were counting too. A breeze asserted itself. The Bees stopped pissing. We went inside to get another beer; it was the only way to get wet that night.

For Sweet Carrina


We met onstairs. I was ascending. We locked gazes and stopped while the other
pedestrians cursed as they surged past. We didn’t utter a word. We parted
strangers still.

We didn’t meet again for three months. This time
the words would not stop and our hands were
never still.

Stolen Generation

Received Generation
A little brown boy
Sits on a lap and hugs the woman he calls Grandma

A little brown boy
Frowns and rubs his beautiful brown arms

A little brown boy
Says, Grandma when I grow up will my skin be white like Harry’s

For Andrew: Sorry I will never know the name your mother gave you.
Harry Hercock
October 2010.